The Original Echo

Transmit the voices in your head to God
or was it the other way around
everything is the one and yet distant
mimicking the layered reverberations of the original
each time becoming immensely distorted
grotesque and monstrous
in a combine mangled incompetence
removal of the epidermis
results in renewal of the planetary garden
the original sound is eternity
with every soul being an original echo
that in turn is born to the identity of a form
and the echo is further extended
the mutation of the absolute
founded by the ripples of water
crashing back down upon the distant shores
How many lightbulbs does it take
to get back to the original echo?

International Dawn

Nuclear winter
home in the home town
Standard insect in the kevlar machine
shard like memories jabbing into his limbs
as you played with your toys
A savage rape on all fronts
Can God take you this far?
Is this a good thing?
Claim your stake in the world
claim a snake as a pet
between you and your voice
the work will only be half as much
Divorce yourself at the sight of yourself
and torture the candy
that seductively removes it's outer layer
The lights have no dominance here
so open your eyes to the knots in reality
held hostage by the echoes of movement
glued to the tissue and fluids of fissures
The gentle kiss of love
radioactive dopamine hooked up to the bed frame
Is it a house in which you will live your life
or is the future through your hand
on a direct route to the sun


Kytty stood there eating stars
luminescent spheres
put to shame by her own energy
that shook my head into the sky
and the air was filled with electric laughter
Was it my thoughts or your mouth
that drenched my lips with those sounds
and caused me to throw kisses upon your body
How is it that you consume this mind
is it the roses that gave birth to the ceiling
or the candles screaming out your name
that spin me off this drunken chair
The traffic became imaginary
and the world disappeared
or so you said
but I knew it was still there
I just didn't care about anything except you
at the moment when something in your eyes
told me what I longed to hear
and the morning that you woke me with your kisses
could never have given me more to believe in
than an eternity filled with you

The Day Seth Exploded

Do you keep your eyes inside
swirling in a concrete sea
Summoning voices 9 and 3
divide by three and you might find home
The headhunter at the door
wants to be paid
in car crashes and television
and he said that God is a parasite
latching itself onto our backs
This idea being manifested by law
thick with guilt and self sin
He's just another lost soul for the candy house
The torn reminders of yesterday
Pull the screws out of that bag of gladiators
Heroes and diseased leftovers
And he said that he didn't believe in oxygen
that all the ice caps had melted
Whole hallways of miles upon miles of tombs
burning names into the ground through a nuclear explosion
Shine the white ghost with a flash light
but what are you without your face
Sometimes we lose the last of the world
It's just the strain of looking through several pairs of eyes
The pain of existing outside of existence

Catapult Eye

Can you count to God
give or take a slice of your head
drag yourself up from the ground
with hands that are stripped to the bone
and a soul that hasn't even begun
playing the role of energy
on the cranium drug spilling out from your eyes
take me home in a basket case
and I'll remember my love in the morning
through the frustration of shadows
lit on fire
standing in the ocean
solidify my spine in an upright position
with the jumping rhythm of alien tones
that thrust themselves against my heart
but everything changes
when we kill the Buddha
when we kill the fabricated modes of parental design
and if I look in another's mirror will my reflection be the same
or is this transcendence simply a river angel

Moses with an ax
plays kick the can with God
it's the only memory I have of the father
the only one I need

Insurrection Against Epigenesis

Europa held its arms around the newspaper stand
all the while thinking of mother
knitting skullcaps a million miles from here
Resident children vandalize the fortune teller
carving lines to construct the future
disregarding the ocean cascading from her hands
The formaldehyde filled moon dreams of youth
of revolting against the sun
driving to the department store
to shoplift some dark glasses
Dream inside the dead pale
for life excels at life
Methodreen and the twenty fourth hour
Put God back
if you can remember where you hid him
and rumble towards the nearest cardinal sin
Half a holy man sprouting from a tree
unable to delegate power
with the trigger glued in fast forward
and when the wino tastes like menthol
it's just the remnants of a fiberglass society
but never a naked birth
So voice away your self defense
and choose to choose
or did you sell your soul one to many times
This room will change your shape
if you peal away the winter's cloth
I no longer hold the years within my throat
The empirical clock
who restricts the massive cure hemorrhage
needs not only to be thrown out the window
but also loved by a steamroller
Can you push the rain away
while standing in the rain

Abstract Incubation (remix)

Tribal acid god
plastered, glued and stricken
to the central life of Washington park
Chemically engineered mutant hybrid
with 23 napalm wounds in my mouth
it gets difficult to find a spot to park your head
Displaced hunger
A little death never hurt anyone
Something in the programming seems caught in a loop
but I've jammed my hands into the mainframe
and can see the iguanas walking onward
discussing morality with a tape recorder
made in broken flesh
Abstract incubator
generating shark like phantoms
phantom like memories
that play familiar tunes on the walking flesh
Time slows down
for the divisional realities that fuck themselves
categorized by number and military rank
Fights staged for the purpose of police interference
They consumed the dinner
but I slipped out the back wall
and ran westward to sanctuary on a cliff
watching the migration of silver buffalo
A gaggle of cars in molecular rhythm
Lace up your eyes if you can't stand the truth
Did you lose the ground sleeping under your feet
Just try to open the door with your teeth
and the most insane thing I've ever done
is sit still and watch the world rain down

The Soul Of Existence

a tiger eating bones
murders the parents of disease
and we laugh and tease him about his diet
as our own limbs twitch with malnurishment
and I swear that I saw you as the soul of existance
as the marrow slid down my throat
and my mass expanded
filling the wrinkles left by time
discard your suffering
and have a bite
of something far beyond the temple walls
and coy statues of religious figures
because religion has everything to do with God
but God has nothing to do with religion
find the truth through the ingestion of rocks and trees
through the singularity of energy
form is not fit to confine shape
but only project differential images
which results in the illusion of separation
dismantle the conditioning of your senses
and breathe


What is this I feel
drugs in the reservoir
or angels in the atmosphere
rodents wheels running red lights
through the centrifuge of my head
punish the dead with cakes and pies
for they will quickly slip from the rot in their throats
splashing upon concrete
a savior for the masses
this pudding of death and the process of dying
you wear your humor like an iron suit
in a seven foot swimming pool
simply unfortunate that hands can't breathe
making shadow puppets above the surface
for then you could strangle yourself as you drown
ambition is the first step to selling your soul
convictions make much better lovers
I personally like the control of being on top
but that's just me
what do you savor most

Just Promise That You'll Cum On Me

Hello, this is the Hackettstown Methadone clinic...
would you like fries with that?
The Whatsit has a head
dressed in blood and sores
find a new salvation
before you start hitting yourself
and she's just smiling at the cancer patients
prescribing reality in unmarked bills
just promise me the left side of the corpse this time
for the tenderness appeases me
and why is it that you incisively milk the temple
for all that its not worth
infectious dream
this half a suicide
its the unfulfilled passions of a gun
a lobotomized beverage
stands by the police scanner
televising the fuck of us
hot eyes pumping
quarantining the derivative

Good Catch!

Throw the paper through your head
an object by which logic designs fate
The future exists
not because it is set
but because it is being set
this is the true nature of destiny
I think that the real thing here
is seeing how scared people really are of themselves
and how frightening this must all seem
sitting on the outside and always looking outward
A learned helplessness at the hands of time
in which one believes that there can be no control
The wind breathes in a condition of circumstance
and every action constructs the forward
We are here because we have built ourselves to be
we have found each other because it is
what the consequences of our behavior has led us to
and we are in love with one another
because we have always been
You and I are us
because it is time

Alive In A Star

she sewed the sky with her eyes
and talked through kindness
pull away the god mask
pull down this hungry war
I spoke my soul to her
without regret
without resistance
and spilled my crimson armor
down the body that had now become
a molecule of that same sky
the same stars that dance upon your lips
now dance upon mine
they sleep with me when your not there
and comfort me when I am dreaming of you
dreaming of the night when I first saw you
shinning more brilliantly than any sun
I can see your soul
I never told you that
I can see the fire hidden under your skin
I want to bathe in that flame
burn into you
and live my life on fire
bring you to life
bringing me to life
I realized something today
on the nineteenth of November
and for that I thank you

Chicken Soup Membrane

Edger was an odd boy
he played with his soup
modifying the reflections of an empty television screen
and pondered the texture of breasts
he severed the incongruous tones from the back of his head
with ranting hands that waved like lawn mower blades
as the fire men cut thieves out of trees
and despite it he turned blue
if he was only a little happier
he could have drowned out those around him
and had conversations with childhood friends
all the live long day

At The Peak Of Her Party

3,000 Showers in two days
and suddenly your a homicidal maniac
not so much for the sight as for the feeling of motion
White noise still resonates in my hands
from the Bauhaus concert last night
and it seems as though someone is painting the sky
over and over again to make the day brighter
Will the empire stand on a thought
or just crush Trenna in a plastic cup
an eclipse through an eye
an eye that folds space in on itself
in order to become something deeper than space
those eyes are the type of thing
that could make me fall in love again
I'm still dreaming of her
but someone told me
that you can catch the best dreams out this early
and I've brought the most sagacious net that my soul could weave
A present for my sisters and a friend
made the night a mad party
and I thrive on insanity these days
it's like candy for my gills
I think I'll play hit and run with her all day
tell her that I believe I knew her in a past life
and vanish like a ghost in the fog
but first I have to find her
It shouldn't be to difficult
I'll just look for the girl
with angels
swimming under her skin

The Raincoat You Call Home

She gives birth to the colours in the rainbow
spewing birds from the cores of her eyes
Open the doors and let be bathe in this
Let me be purified of test-tube longevity
and all of the madness that I have ever thiuwed upon
could never have prepared me for this strangeness
the energy that emanates from her lips
cascading down her body
spilling like roots into absolution
swirling in the air as if she was own my breath
Teach me to sing with your strength
and I'll show you how to fight the impossible
all the while with unwavering faith by your side
clean my hands of the blood in this world
and I'll be the raincoat you call home
catch me when I stumble
and I'll introduce you to solidified fate
grow slender angel wings
and I'll sprout a tiger's tail
become God
and so will I

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